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Jan 182013
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To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, there will be no school this Sunday. Wishing everyone a happy long weekend!

Recap 华夏总校北区演讲比赛(HuaXia Chinese School Northern Division Speech Contest ):


二等奖:冯一苇,Jessica Wang
三等奖:张楚玥,Julia Wang, 刘思源,沈之翔,徐翰轩,张楚维



日期: 2013年1月27日 (星期日); 时间: 1:00-3:30pm; 地点: Cafeteria

围棋起源于中国,不仅对人脑的智力开发和锻炼大有裨益,而且蕴含着中国文化博大精深的哲学内涵。为推动社区围棋活动,在春节来临之际,我们决定举办面向全 体人员的2013年冬季围棋竞赛。活动由美国应昌期围棋教育中心(AIGC)资助。我们热烈欢迎所有感兴趣的老师,学生,家长和朋友们参加。参赛者将按年 龄分为成人组 (18岁以上) 和少儿组 (18岁以下), 少儿组再按年龄和围棋水平分为高级班和初级班。请参赛者填妥报名表格(请点击这里并在上课期间交到学校咨询台或以电子邮件方式发送到,报名截止期为118(期五)。比赛将由我们的围棋老师唐洁六段主持评判。我们将为所有参赛者颁发纪念证书和奖品,为优胜者提供特别奖励。敬请各位届时光临。

Winter Go Tournament, Develop Mind Sports and Expand Chinese Culture!  

Date:  Jan 27th, 2013 (Sunday); Time: 1:00-3:30pm; Location: Cafeteria

Go (weiqi) is originated from ancient China.  It is not only beneficial for intellectual development, but also rich in profound philosophical connotation of Chinese culture.  To promote Go practices in our community, we will host an all-member Winter Go Tournament, sponsored by American Ing Chang-Ki Go Educational Center (AIGC).  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Participants will register in Adult (≥ 18 years) or Youth (<18 years) group.  The Youth group will be further divided into Senior and Junior sections based on age and Go skill level. To register, please fill out the registration form (please click here), drop off the form at school information desk during school hours, or email us at The registration deadline is Jan 18th, 2013 (Friday).  The tournament will be judged by Go Teacher Ms Jie Tang (6 Dan). Each participant will be awarded with certificate and souvenir; the winners will receive additional prizes. We are looking forward to seeing you at the tournament.

华夏大纽约春节联欢会 (HXGNY Spring Festival) 2/17/2013:

辞 别龙年,喜迎蛇年,二月十七日,我们将在White Plains High School 举办华夏大纽约蛇年新春联欢会。 12:30PM-1:30PM为聚餐时间, 1:15PM至2:00PM为儿童游艺。 2:15PM至4:30PM我们将在学校礼堂进行文艺演出。欢迎大家积极参与这一年一度最大盛会. 请大家一月二十七日在餐厅入口买票 ($8 一人)。



The Spring Festival party will be held at White Plains High School on February  17, 2013 from 12:30PM to 4:30PM. Lunch will be served (12:30PM-1:30PM), followed by games (1:15PM to 2:00PM) and performances (2:00PM-4:30PM). Tickets ($8 per person) will be sold at the Cafeteria Entrance on 1/27/2013.

If you would like to take this opportunity to demonstrate your artistic talents, please email with a description of your performance, the number and names of the performers, grades if the performers are students, and contact information.  The deadline for registration is 01/18. An audition will be held on 02/03 and performances will be selected based on the quality, duration and number of performers.

Volunteer help from parents and students is always essential to assure success of the celebration. If you would like to help, either with lunch distribution, site decorations, stage assistance or cleaning up, please email your contact information to

New Technology Classes for the Spring Semester:

Our school is planning to open 12- session Technology Enrichment Classes in the Spring semester starting 2/17/2013 if there is enough enrollment. Please click here for detailed class information. If you want to register, please email

Computer Arcade Game Creation (Senior Technology Class)- 9:30am to 10:30am for students Ages 9 to 14 (Grade 4 to 8): 
Utilizing GameMaker software, our teachers will guide the student through every step of developing a customized functional game, including drag-and-drop programming, designing multiple levels and adding features of a real arcade-style video game.  Students will learn about creating sprites, objects events and actions, and design their own rooms/levels. This camp is perfect for beginners, as well as for returning students who want to add on to their previously created game or create a new one. *Students take home a CD with their games, the GameMaker software and our game-making resources files.

Stop-motion Animated Movie Making (Junior Technology Class) – 11:30am to 12:30am for students Ages 6 to 8 (Grade 1 to 3): 
Lights…Camera…Action!  Using stop-motion animation and digital post-production editing, students will produce LEGO® movies much like the “brickfilms” viewed on YouTube.  Students will learn about developing creative storytelling techniques, incorporating visual and audio special effects. No experience is necessary and you can take this class as many times as you like. *Students take home a CD with the stop-motion software and movies at the end of the class.

New Adult Ballroom Dancing Class for the Spring Semester:

A new Ballroom Dancing Class will start February 3, 2013 from 11:30AM to 12:30PM. Viktoria Kharkina is a well-known Ballroom Dance instructor in Westchester County. Click here for teacher’s bio. To facilitate the operation of the ballroom dancing class, we encourage adult students to register in pairs.  The cost for a pair (one gentleman and one lady) with be $226 (tuition $95×2 plus registration $36).  For Individual student registration, the cost will be $131 (tuition $95 plus registration $36).  Please bring a check to the first class on February 3rd.  Please email to register.

Recap (with photos) Teacher’s Appreciation Party (新年谢师会)1/6/2013:

2013 年1月6日下午,White Plains High School H-room 充满着欢声笑语。华夏大纽约分校举行了新年谢师会。 董事会主席胡大鹏、校长林骏,家长会长姚大纯分别在会上致辞,感谢各位老师为华夏大纽约分校的创立及今天欣欣向荣的局面所作出的贡献。李谦云、林宇、徐云 宁和韩璐璐等几位老师作了即兴发言,对目前学校蓬勃发展的势头表示欣慰和自豪。有专业音乐背景的焦世强老师,明明老师还即兴为大家演唱了优美动听的歌曲, 把会场的热烈气氛推向高潮。校委会、家长会和董事会的几位其他志愿者也在会上即兴发言。照片请点击这

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