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Parent On Duty Responsibility List

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  1. Every school day HXGNY campus needs 8-9 parents to serve Parent On Duty. School policy is: one student (1st grade above) one Parent On Duty per school year. Parents are encouraged to prior sign up their date for the duty so that they can choose their most convenient day to join Parent On Duty.  Prior sign up can be done at campus, at online file HXGNY Parent On Duty Calendar 2015-2016 or just by email.

  1. Maintain the tidiness of the school environment, clean supervised area, ensure the students’ safety.

  1. Please report to the school at the main office (H Room Sign In table) before 9:00 am and sign in. At sign in time, you will receive your location assignment, a POD badge, security vest, responsibility check list, and cleaning tools.

  1. Please wear your POD badge and orange-colored vest for identification.  Emergency phone numbers of school personnel will be on the back of the name tags.

  1. You must stay at your assigned location from 9:00 am to 1:10 pm. Do NOT attend any other activities during this time. Be alert and keep the hallway quiet during class hours.

  1. Maintain a safe environment during class recesses. When classes are on break, please walk around and check the hallways, classrooms, and stairs to make sure that no children are engaging in any dangerous or inappropriate activities, such as climbing out of windows, making loud noises, etc. Keep small children (under the age of 12) away from the stairways and elevators.

  1. Contact main office if any unexpected issue develops and escort the student to the main office.

  1. Assist teachers with safety issues upon their request. Help small kids use washroom.

  1. Be the last person leaving the floor of your post after checking all classrooms and hallway.

  1. After classes are closed, please clean the hallway and classrooms you are responsible for. Then return the badge/vest/cleaning supply to the main office. Sign out before you leaving.

The school principal, the head of the Committee of Safety and Discipline, will patrol all the class locations either by himself or his assigned delegate to help all PODs achieve their duties stated above.


Please sign up the most convenient date for your duty: