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Oct 192012
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Student Corner Team(小语世界团队人员):


主编(Editor-In-Chief):Leon Lei (雷博)。现为HXGNY助教。曾担任原HXNY《学生园地》刊物编辑四年,去年为副主编。华夏总校2011年优秀学生。

副主编(Associate Editor-In-Chief):Hannah Hu(胡舒菡)。现为HXGNY助教。去年曾担任原HXNY《学生园地》刊物编辑。华夏总校2012年优秀学生。


Mary Chen (陈钰瑶)和Irena Hsu(徐若焉):现为助教(Teaching Assistants)。
Michelle Cai (蔡梦雪):现为AP和SAT 学生(AP and SAT Student)。
William Yin (尹渭博),John Lei (雷瀚),Benjamin Shi (史浩文):现为九年级学生(Grade 9 Students)。
Angela Lin (林伊茗)和Emily Shen(沈洪琳): 现为八年级学生(Grade 8 Students)。

记者:Elizabeth Chen (陈恩璐):现为 六年级学生 (Grader 6 student)。


We are very lucky to have a great pool of candidates for Student Corner. After considering everyone’s qualification and experiences,
personal Chinese essays and recommendations from teachers, we are happy to announce the appointment of Leon Lei as Editor-in-Chief and Hannah Hu as Associate Editor-in-Chief for the 2012-2013 HXGNY Student Corner.

Leon has been an editor for HXNY’s Student Corner for four years. He demonstrated leadership skills serving as Associate Editor-in-Chief
last year.  Leon was Hua Xia Chinese School 2011 Honor Student. Hannah was an editor for HXNY’s Student Corner last year and is very enthusiastic to help with other new editors as Associate Editor-in-Chief this year. Hannah was Hua Xia Chinese School 2012 Honor Student.

We hope by working with a great team, Student Corner will be a great success and those involved will learn and gain valuable experiences.