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Sep 012013
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Newsletter Headlines
School Starts on 09/08
Teachers’ Bios and Class Assignments
Recap: 8/25 Teachers’ Training and School Visiting Day
New Members of the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board
TA Recruiting
Student Corner(小语世界) Positions Open
HXGNY Moon Festival party
Soccer Tournament Result

School Starts on 09/08

HXGNY admin team is in the final phase of preparation work for the new school year starting 09/08. This year, our number of registered students have surpassed 400.  This great accomplishment is a result of the collective effort from our teachers, parents, and volunteers.  To avoid over-sized classes and to ensure delivery of high quality education to your children, the school is adding an additional class to each grade from PreK to 4th grade.  To keep balanced class size, the school is making minor adjustment on students’ class assignment based mainly on class of choice at registration and the registration date.  Next week, teachers from each class will be in touch with the parents.  The school will also publish school opening day information such as classroom assignment, etc.  Please check your email or visit our web site at  The fast expansion of the school also gives us an opportunity to recruit more highly experienced and dedicated teachers to our faculty staff.  We believe that in the new school year, our school will be stronger and better than ever.A larger school also needs more volunteers. If you are familiar with our school and are willing to help on the school opening day to distribute text books, providing directions to new parents, and if you are willing to serve as class parents, please email华夏中文学校大纽约分校将于九月八日开学为迎接学校开学,学校管理团队正在紧锣密鼓地进行最后的准备工作。 教师团队调整、教室安排、教材购买、班级设置等工作都已基本就绪。 今年我校注册的少儿学生人数达到400余人。 学校的迅速成长是全体老师、家长、志愿者们共同努力的结果, 但这也对学校的管理工作提出了更高的要求。为防止班级规模过大,保证教学质量,我们在PreK至四年级的每一个年级都各增开一个班。 为避免各班人数失衡, 我们以学生原注册班级、注册时间先后为主要依据对部分班级学生进行小幅度调整。 下周各班级的任课老师将会与家长们联系,学校也将公布各班级教室等信息,请大家注意查收email或访问我校网站 www. hxgny.org学校的扩大也使得我们有机会聘请更多的资深教师加盟我校,强化我们的教师团队,相信在新的一年里,我们将会拥有一个更大更强更好的学校。


Teachers’ Bios and Class Assignments

Our school has become the primary choice of parents for their kids to learn Chinese language and culture – we have got an over 25% increase in enrollment compared to last school year.  In order to ensure education quality and to keep the class size, one extra class has been added to each lower grades. We have also opened 美洲华语 (MZHY) for Grade 1 through Grade 9. Please click here for Chinese language teachers’ bios and class assignments. Click here for culture class teachers’ bios and class assignments.


华夏中文学校大纽约分校已成为本地华人家庭学习中国语言、文化的首选,今年我校注册的少儿学生比上一年增加25%。 为保证教学质量,维持最佳班级规模, 我们在所有低年级增加了新班级,并开通了一至九年级的美洲华语班。 浏览语言课老师简历及任课班级,请点击这里浏览文化课老师简历及任课班级,请点击这里

Recap: 08/25 Teachers’ Training and School Visiting Day

On Sunday 8/25, our school faculty attended an orientation and training event to prepare for the new school year. New teachers were warmly welcomed by the existing faculty. It was exciting to see the talents that filled the room! In addition to getting informed of school policies, teachers heard Principal Dr. Lin’s presentation on the importance and execution strategies of incorporating assessment tools to help achieving education goals. Yun Fu, Jin Sheng and Yu Lin shared their experiences teaching MLP or MZHY. Yue Huang shared her appreciation of both textbook systems. At group discussions, everybody got a chance to exchange ideas and worked on the teaching plans together. Some new parents stopped by to ask questions and/or register their children. Many admin and board members came to help out to make it such a successful day! They also brought in delicious pastries and moon cakes for the teachers. Click herefor Photos.

Board Announcement

To ensure that the Board of Directors has a balance of existing and new members each year to keep consistency and encourage innovation, the Board announced the following plan in May:
  • Expand the number of directors to 9 in total
  • All of the current 7 directors will retire in three years: 1 this year, 3 next year and 3 the year after
  • Elect three new directors each year, starting from this year
  • Each of the new directors serves a three-year term, with no immediate renewal
To that end, the board formed a nomination committee in June and started to ask school volunteers for nominations of new directors. In the past two months, the board had talked to many of last year’s Admin and PTA team members, some teachers and parents, as well as every nominated candidate. The board reviewed and then voted on the candidates on August 24th.
We are pleased to announce that the board has elected three new board members, Mr. Michael Wu, Dr. Dachun Yao and Dr. Mingbao Zhang. Please click here for their bios. They all have volunteered in Huaxia for many years with great experiences in school operations, have made substantial contributions to the school, and are all committed to serving our children and the school community in the future.
In the same time, Ms. Grace Ying has volunteered to retire from the board this year. Over the past year as a board member, Grace has served as the Chair of fund raising committee and a member of finance committee, policy committee and nomination committee. We want to thank Grace for her great volunteerism and many contributions. Grace will join the advisory board to continue her service to the school. Please click here for her bio.
Please join us in congratulating Michael, Dachun, Mingbao and Grace for their new leadership roles and thanking them for their dedications to the school.
HXGNY Board of Directors

TA Recruiting

We are in need of more teaching assistants. If your child is 14 years or older, please encourage them to sign up for volunteering at HXGNY. Application Form Link Here.

Student Corner (小语世界)Positions Open

We are calling for editors, correspondents to HXGNY Student Corner – 小语世界.  Please send your application to
Here are the open positions:
1. Editor-in-Chief: 要求: 有丰富的编辑工作经验, 有较高的文字编辑能力和沟通能力,善于领导与管理团队,  善于独立工作。要求在HXGNY G9或中文AP在读, 或者刚毕业于HXGNY, 仍担任TA工作。申请者须提交一份短文 (中英文俱可), 说明对这份工作的设想;一份五百字以内独立完成的中文作文, 提供两个推荐人信息。2. Editors: 对主编负责, 根据选题征集稿源, 完成稿件的编辑工作, 在规定期限前提交给主编。要求:喜欢中文写作,有一定的文字编辑能力,能够在截稿期之前完成工作, 有较好的沟通能力。要求在HXGNY G6或以上在读(含中文AP) , 或者刚毕业于HXGNY, 仍担任TA工作。申请者须提交一份短文(中英文俱可), 说明为什么胜任这份工作; 一份五百字以内独立完成的中文作文. 如有可能,请附上中文老师的推荐意见。3. Correspondents: 配合编辑, 负责稿件的征集或采写工作。要求:有一定的中文写作能力,有较好的沟通能力。要求在HXGNY G4或以上在读。申请者须提交一份三百字以内独立完成的中文作文; 如有可能,请附上中文老师的推荐意见。

HXGNY Moon Festival Party

Dear HXGNY parents: Please mark your calendar for our traditional HXGNY MidAutumn Festival BBQ party On September 22 from 12:30 PM till 4PM at Croton Point Park. We will provide lunch, drink plus mooncakes for everyone attending. There is a big pavilion onsite, with playground, and some sports activities for the kids. More details coming soon.

各位家长: 我校将于九月二十二日下午12:30至4:00 在Croton Point Park举办2013年中秋联欢会。 届时我们将提供餐饮,月饼,及多项活动,详情将于开学时发布, 敬请关注。

Soccer Tournament Result

During the summer break, our school’s soccer team played Huaxia Cup with ten other teams, and advanced into the playoff round. The 32 members of our team came from New York and Connecticut. Compared with other teams, we had the longest commute and tightest schedule. Some members had to drive more than two hours before the game, and the team sometimes played three matches in a hot summer day.  Despite all the difficulties, through collaborative effort, the team entered playoff.  Kudos to all the team members for their great sportsmanship.

暑期中我校足球队参加了中文学校系统的华夏杯足球赛,最终克服了很多困难并打入了复赛轮。这次比赛共有十一个中文学校的队伍参与,我队由来自纽约和康州的队员联合组成,与参赛各队相比,我队面临的困难最大, 住家离赛场最远,赛程最紧张, 我们有些队员要开两个多小时赶到赛场,有时要在炎热的一天中打了三场比赛。 虽有重重困难,但全体队员齐心协力打入复赛,在此我们向全体参赛者致敬。