School Address:SUNY Purchase, 735 Anderson Hill Rd, Purchase, NY, 10577         Email:
May 212014
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浙大本科。德国海德堡大学物理博士。早年从事天体物理, 数据存储,光纤通讯,显示器等。 现在公司从事医疗器件研发。计算机语言的经验 从早年的FORTRAN  到近年的PYTHON。 曾在新泽西华夏中文学校担任过击剑和体能老师, 后来开过SAT 物理。乐于辅导孩子学习,与孩子们分享学习经验。

Graduated from Zhejiang University, PhD in physics from Heidelberg University Germany. Early research
areas include astrophysics, data storage, optical communication and
displays. Currently working on medical devices.  Accumulated programming
experience ranges from Fortran to Python.   Involvement in Huaxia
school teaching started 5 years ago in NJ where he coached fencing
and physical, later taught SAT Physics. Enjoy torturing and  sharing
learning experience with kids