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Sep 112014
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学校将于10月5日在Croton Point Park公园举办秋季野餐聚会。

公园依傍Hudson River, 风景如画。预订的中央凉亭可保证活动风雨无阻,并有附设的游乐场可供使用. 届时,我们会为大家提供午餐、饮料,安排学生和家长的表演,组织多种趣味游艺活动:拔河、呼拉圈、投沙包、打气球、画脸等等。成年人可在河边钓鱼、捉螃蟹。大家可带上毛毯、沙滩椅,与家人朋友共享秋日的午后时光。大家可以带上毛毯、沙滩椅,与家人、新朋老友共同享受秋日的午后。



方式二: 在网上购票.       请打印收据,凭此到学校餐厅售票处换取门票。

门票的价格包括餐饮、活动和停车费用。 票价为成人8元,孩子5元,0-4岁儿童免费。活动当日购买,票价一概10元。



Come to Join us for the Annul School Fall Picnic, food and drink will be provided.

We reserved pavilion #1 at Croton Point Park, we will have live performance during the lunch, plus a variety of fun activities for the kids.

Please purchase actual event/lunch tickets in the White Plain High School cafeteria during school hours (Sundays 10AM till 12:30PM).

Ticket pricing details:

The prices are $8 for adults and seniors, $5 for kid 5 and above, and kids age 0-4 are free.

If you purchase the tickets on 10/5 (the day of the event), the prices will be $10 per ticket.

Please RSVP and purchase your tickets at your earliest convenience before 10/1.  We will prepare sufficient food based on the ticket sale.

For direction, please see:

Park office phone number (914) 862-5290

Please inform the guard at the park entrance that you are with HXGNY and no longer have to pay $5, since the school have paid the park for the group

We look forward to seeing you on 10/05/14!